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New Years Eve Tips 1-3: Never Overspend


We begin our series of Tips for New Years Eve, what to do and not do.

1. Don’t overspend.
Don’t go for an open bar at $100; most people can’t drink $100 of alcohol. If you want intimate, know its capacity – 1,000 persons is not intimate. Also know who is hosting the event. If the event is all over the radio, you aren’t going to attract the same crowd as a party so hard to get into you wouldn’t know about it unless you heard about it from us.”

2. Don’t get Tricked by Terms.
Understand that a party which says ‘open bar’ is not the same as ‘top shelf open bar’. ‘Top Shelf’ refers to premium spirits. Non top shelf open bars can resemble a bad frat party.

3. Avoid mansions, yachts, and outdoor events if possible. 
If it rains, you have to fight to get your ticket back. And if it’s a mansion, you have to wait to take their shuttle bus back to your car.

4. Buy ahead.
Finally, plan ahead. Tickets are cheap earlier online, more expensive later, then sold out. Don’t think you can just show up that night without a ticket. Any hot ticket is sold out days ahead of time.


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