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celebrity news site lalate launching 6 more news sites!

We have big news for you. America’s fastest growing celebrity news site, lalate news, has grown so fast since August 22 that we’ve may be launching as many as six, yes six, new news sites for you over the coming months!

You have made us your home, and now we are going to build you a mansion!

We are bringing a handfull of lalate’s best brands that have been around for almost a decade and relaunching them as brand new news sites; our first will launch in just days!

 Our first launch with be 

Launched in December 2006, (with an amazing domain name) became America’s most trafficated celebrity New Years Eve site. will be relaunched in just days for the 2007 New Years Eve celebration!Also in development are:

  •, a news site designed especially for teenagers, for details on everything from Hannah Montana to High School Muscial; 
  •, a news site with feature articles about love, dating, lust, cheating, whoring, and all that good stuff; 
  • NYLate, a news site for Broadway;
  •, a nightlife site for Las Vegas (that lalate lead as its number one national nightlife site from 2003 to early 2007);
  • and lalate Nightlife News, reestablishing lalate as America’s most successful brand in nightlife for over half a decade.

Thanks everyone!



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